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HDD Controller Boards for Sale!

One of the common reasons for the failure of hard drives are problems with the controller board. It consists of the following main components: the main controller chip, the RAM module, the ROM/BIOS chip (on modern ROM drives is integrated into the processor, the so-called mask ROM), the spindle motor control chip and the BMG, power connector and interface connector.

Controller board can be repaired caused by power outages, lightning strikes, unstable power supply units as failure causes. It is still too early to give up, saying that the hard disk broke. That means that if the cause of the failure is a circuit board, only replacing the broken circuit board should be done. The board can be exchanged and the data can be recovered by BIOS change work. The HDD system area that accesses unique data including the unique BIOS (ROM or NVRAM chips) that has the most hdd board. If bios information is incompatible with your hdd, there is no way to read hdd data. For this, we need to use the original pcb bios when we swap pcb. Bios chip swap is a must.

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